We maintain the highest standards to efficiently and accurately work your collections with the most current Technology and Security that meets the strongest of regulations.


At Darnel, we stay current with new regulations and procedures to ensure that your account data is handled safely and confidentially. Our methods for debt collection follow strict regulations for the security industry as they relate to confidentiality, disclosure and information security. Our account management personnel are continuously trained in confidentiality and regulation issues. And they are meticulous to assure compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Process Act (FDCPA).

Our data network implements security standards that include but are not limited to:

  • File Transfer Protocol Secure (FTPS) to ensure secure FTP transmissions (if elected)
  • Redundant firewall technology
  • Private networks for data storage
  • Antivirus technology in all areas of the company
  • Other tools to ensure data security and confidentiality


Darnel combines our years of experience, collection strategy and cutting edge technology to optimize your experience in getting collections resolved. Our technology provides the support we need for sufficient collections while ensuring that checks and balances are maintained at all times.

Latitude Collection Software

We use the Latitude software suite by Latitude Software Services to handle your collections. This software has limitless interface potential. With such a flexible platform, we have built one of the most advanced collection systems in the industry.

Our collection system is a highly configurable tool kit that allows us to develop a receivable management solution that meets your needs. With this business tool kit, we are able to create and deploy sophisticated business logic and strategies. We are able to evaluate account risks, prioritize and automatically process the accounts to the proper work queues.

Darnel remains on the cutting edge of all major collection technologies, including:

  • Automated skip tracing technology
  • Document scanning technology for a paperless environment
  • Automated Probate searches
  • Electronic Data Entry

Dialer Systems

We use automated phone technology as a very affordable tool for collections. Our phone technology incorporates out-bound dialing from a list of phone numbers for debtors. This helps us be more efficient in communicating with debtors. It also helps limit our handling of sensitive information such as debtors’ phone numbers since the system passes the call to one of our account management personnel securely without proving phone numbers.

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