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Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and we will not sell your name or email address to any third-party advertiser without your permission. We also safeguard access to the information you provide to the web site's employees, service providers, and agents who acquire the information to maintain, operate, develop, update, and improve our services, which we hold to confidentiality.

To use specific functions of our web site (getting listed in our Directory of Categories, registration for email updates, for example), we collect information that you volunteer and that is necessary for a transaction (name, address, credit card, email). We may combine information you provide with information from other web site services we utilize (such as email update information and server log files) to improve the quality of the web site's experience and function. We may also aggregate information to inform potential or current advertisers, directory listing companies, or other businesses about our web site audience (such as x number of email registrants have asked for updates from a specific industry), but we will not share identifiable user information without prior consent.

If you send email communications, correspondence or make contact with us, we may keep the information you provide to respond to requests, orders, and inquiries, as well as to enhance our relationship by improving what we offer by analyzing your feedback.

We will not use information you provide for purposes other than those described in our privacy policy without having obtained your prior consent. We endeavor to process your information accurately but we can only do so as you update and correct information necessary for a service or transaction.

The functionality of some of our web site services may depend upon your browser's setting to accept cookies. You may refuse all cookies, and additionally, any requests for information for you to provide. However, we may not be able to deliver a requested service if you do so.

Our privacy policy may change periodically and we will post updates to this page or to another page, which you can access via hyperlink. If you have any concerns or inquiries related to the privacy policy, we welcome your feedback.


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