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Since 2001, High Priority Plumbing and Services, Inc. has been a family owned and operated company providing quality plumbing services in the State of Georgia and many areas of South Carolina. Started out of the home of Paulette and Brian Simpson, the company has grown exponentially in the last several years. Along with that growth, High Priority Plumbing expanded by opening an office in Savannah in the Fall of 2012.

In fact, Paulette Simpson, credits the staff with High Priority Plumbing’s exponential growth in the Savannah region. “I am very proud of our staff. They treat our customers with honesty and work hard to provide the best level of customer service,” said Paulette Simpson.

When you need plumbing services, call High Priority Plumbing at 912.373.7707. Our honest, quality-conscious, master plumbers are able to provide all types of plumbing services from installations to repairs and 24 hour emergency service.

Featured Services

Water Heaters

When it comes time to repair or replace your water heater, trust our master plumbers at High Priority Plumbing, Inc. to recommend the best solution for your hot water needs. We will assist you with installation, maintenance, and repairs for tankless water heaters, gas/electric water heaters, and expansion tanks.

Commercial Services

High Priority Plumbing, Inc. offers commercial services that keep your water and sewer system flowing properly. We understand that having a water and sewer system operating properly at your company is critical. When a problem arises it not only causes a distraction and can make an unsightly and dangerous mess.

Water Sewer Lines

There are many different kinds of leaks. Water and sewer line leaks and blockage in the line are some of the most common problems in plumbing. A leak or backup in your water and sewer line is considered a plumbing emergency that we will prioritize. For blockage without a line leak, we will unclog waste, debris, and …

Drain & Sewer

Drain and sewer lines can get clogged and backed up as waste, debris, dirt and things you may have forgotten get flushed down the drain. When standard plunging and household cleansers are not effective, contact High Priority Plumbing, Inc. to unclog your drain and sewer line before the problem escalates.

General Repair

Your home water and sewer system includes many appliances, fixtures, and lines that bring you water when you want it while draining waste and debris to the sewer.  Whether you have a dripping faucet, running toilet, or a system that is interrupted, choose our master plumbers with their extensive experience …

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