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Water Hearter Plumbing

Water Heaters

When it comes time to repair or replace your water heater, trust our master plumbers at High Priority Plumbing, Inc. to recommend the best solution for your hot water needs. We will assist you with installation, maintenance, and repairs for tankless water heaters, gas/electric water heaters, and expansion tanks. You use hot water for a multitude of tasks but when the hot water is not available it might be due to a problem with the hot water heater. High Priority Services, Inc. offers servicing of your water heater that includes checking gas flames, temperature and pressure to keep your water heater operating safely and efficiently. We provide drain cleaning to remove sediment that has built up in the water heater. And we will make recommendations for repairs and replacement of elements and thermostat parts as needed.

  • Tankless water heater repair replacement
  • Servicing of water heater
  • Expansion tank repair replacement
  • Gas Electric water heater repair replacement
  • Element Thermostat replacement

Drain and Sewer Plumbing

Drain & Sewer

Drain and sewer lines can get clogged and backed up as waste, debris, dirt and things you may have forgotten get flushed down the drain. When standard plunging and household cleansers are not effective, contact High Priority Plumbing, Inc. to unclog your drain and sewer line before the problem escalates. To quickly unclog your line, we offer jetting services that mechanically force pressure safely through the line. For more stubborn or evasive clogs in your sewer, we offer camera services that can go down the drain and inspect the inside of the line. With our camera services, we will determine the location of the problem and provide fast, practical repairs.

  • Camera Services
  • Jetting Services

Plumbing General Repair

General Repair

Your home water and sewer system includes many appliances, fixtures, and lines that bring you water when you want it while draining waste and debris to the sewer. Whether you have a dripping faucet, running toilet, or a system that is interrupted, choose our master plumbers with their extensive experience to find a solution for all your plumbing needs. High Priority Plumbing, Inc. will repair or replace your plumbing fixtures, appliances, and lines. We offer repair and replacement services for: fixtures such as faucets, sinks and toilets; plumbing appliances including hot water heaters, garbage disposals, washing machine hoses; and anything plumbing related in your home or office. For your general plumbing needs, we will repair or replace pressure reducing valves (PRV), sump pumps, ejector pumps, and other plumbing-related parts. Whatever your plumbing problem—”Our customers are our priority!”

Gas leaks are another problem that can be caused by a normal wear and tear with the fittings leaking underground, behind a wall, or in a place where the leak can go unnoticed. Gas leak detection or leak repair is never something you want to try to find and fix yourself. Our gas leak specialists will help isolate the leak, repair or replace the gas line, and install new gas lines.

  • PRV repair replacement
  • Faucet repair replacement
  • Garbage disposal repair replacement
  • Sump Pump repair replacement
  • Ejector Pump repair replacement
  • Gas leak repairs
  • Gas line installs

Commercial Plumbing Jetter

Commercial Services

High Priority Plumbing, Inc. offers commercial services that keep your water and sewer system flowing properly. We understand that having a water and sewer system operating properly at your company is critical. When a problem arises it not only causes a distraction and can make an unsightly and dangerous mess, but it can also be costly if it interrupts your business operations. When it comes to getting the water and sewer system working properly in your company, “Our customers are our priority.” Our master plumbers will locate blockages, fix line leaks, and repair/replace your plumbing fixtures and appliances. We offer drain cleaning for preventative maintenance to keep your lines flowing and to service a line that has clogged and backed up. Our jetting services can break up tougher clogs. And we will also assist you in installation, repair, and replacement of your commercial water heaters.

  • Jetting
  • Drain cleaning
  • Water heater install repair replacement

Water Sewer Plumbing

Water Sewer Lines

There are many different kinds of leaks. Water and sewer line leaks and blockage in the line are some of the most common problems in plumbing. A leak or backup in your water and sewer line is considered a plumbing emergency that we will prioritize. For blockage without a line leak, we will unclog waste, debris, and dirt by forcing pressure (jetting) through the line. In cases when the line is cracked or broken, we will perform spot repairs in the line or provide a complete replacement of the line.

A leak can be elusive and destructive so when it comes to finding a leak, choose our line leak detection services. High Priority Plumbing, Inc. has the right tools and equipment for locating a leak and then fixing it. Our experienced technicians will use non-intrusive methods for leak detection when possible. Many leaks can be hidden behind walls and beneath floors. As an option we offer camera services that are a non-intrusive way to go inside a pipe to locate a suspected leak or sewer line blockage.

The best way to avoid problems with water and sewer lines is through preventative maintenance. High Priority Plumbing, Inc. offers sewer cleaning to help you avoid leaks and backups in your lines. We will check all your plumbing fixtures to make sure they are not clogged and unclog the lines from waste, debris, dirt, and other obstacles that have a tendency to collect in the lines. When cleaning your lines we will use practical solutions such as a snake and mechanical methods that force pressure (jetting) through the pipe to break apart any clogged waste and debris.

  • Jetting
  • Spot repairs
  • Complete Replacement
  • Camera Services
  • Sewer Cleaning
  • Leak Detection

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