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What Our Customers are Saying

My dog, Otis, loves it there. He sits up in the seat whenever we get close, and he just can’t wait to get out of the car. He loves everybody there. They have a great understanding of animals and empathy for the owners. They put me at ease whenever I’m forced to leave Otis because we don’t like leaving him. But if we’re going to leave him anywhere, it’s going to be there.They helped me with some of Otis’ habits when he was a youngster. We got a little obedience training for him, and for me. They train your pet and then they train you to help your pet stay on the straight and narrow, and to achieve those things you’re trying to get him to do.

(What makes Ashely Hills Pet Center special) is the staff and the facility – the two most important things. They seem to really care about Otis and care about the owners in making us feel comfortable with the situation. I like their area. It’s big and wide open. They let the dogs who behave well play together, and I like that too.

– Jack Riley

My dog was four months old and hard to keep calm. When I let him out of his crate, he would barrel over me and jump on me. He was quickly becoming very rambunctious, so I scheduled an appointment with Ashley. Ashley showed me how to train the dog to exit the crate respectively and calmly, and how to reward him. After a couple of days of doing what Ashley told me to do consistently, my dog was completely different.

Now, no matter where I take my dog (and I take him everywhere), I’m always complemented on his behavior and how wonderful he is. He is the calmest dog ever. I credit Ashley with that. Ashley’s a natural at what he does, and he’s very passionate about it. He’s not only a good trainer to the dogs, he’s a good teacher to his clients. I’ve been training with him for three years now and I would recommend him to anyone, and frequently do.

– Laura Crawford

We have boarded our dogs at other facilities and always picked them up with fear, knowing they would have a big adjustment period before they were able to forgive us for having left them somewhere they weren’t comfortable. Ashley Hills Pet Center has been a wonderful change – our dogs love their time there, and are as happy and healthy at pickup as when we dropped them off! The owners are one-of-a-kind, very caring, and obviously animal lovers. We feel so lucky to have found such a great home away from home for our pets.

– Jen and Dale Miller

We train our dog, board her, and have her bathed at Ashley Hills. Our dog’s a rescue so there’s some concern about people handling her, and we’ve never had an issue. They’re just so good with her, we wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. Ashley is a great guy and you can tell that (the staff) genuinely likes being around dogs. They’ve got a great facility and they’re constantly trying to upgrade and improve upon it, so they’re not staying status quo. And they care for your dog as much as you do. I never have any concerns when she’s there. Ever. I’ve boarded other dogs at other kennels and vet clinics and I’ve never had the sense of comfort that I have with Ashley Hills.

– Chris Fox

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