Welcome to the Walk of Heroes

About The Memorial

The Walk of Heroes Veterans War Memorial is developed around a ‘visual and interactive’ concept to cultivate a public understanding of the sacrifices made by veterans

Visit The Walk of Heroes Veterans War Memorial Park

The Walk of Heroes Veterans War Memorial park, is located on three acres at Black Shoals Lake in Rockdale County, Georgia. The veterans memorial park aims to foster a common understanding of the sacrifices and uncommon dedication of veterans and their families.

Visitors can explore the main pathway, called “Walk of Heroes,” our warfront enclaves, a homefront section and more!

Explore our website for details about the park, news and recent events or contact us for more information.

Annual Veterans Day Event

Veterans Day is always on November 11; but, since November 11 is on a Sunday this year, and we do not want to go against area’s church services, we are holding our Annual Veterans Day event on Saturday, November 10, 2018, at 11:00 am.

This public event will be held at the stage area of the WALK OF HEROES. Ms. Condace Pressley, Manager of Community Affairs for Atlanta’s WSB TV & Radio, will be the key-note speaker.