Kelly Rand

KJ Rand is a self-taught jewelry artist and metalsmith born in Massachusetts and currently resides in Monticello, GA.

She combines using new tools along with many vintage (“older tools were just made better”) when working in her Monticello (in-home) jewelry studio. Her jewelry business The Metal Crow, is clearly inspired by all the time she spends out in nature hiking, camping, gardening, beach combing and taking pictures.

KJ is an Aquarius and a true “water baby” with much of her inspiration coming from “beach combing” the shores of Maine, New Hampshire, and especially meandering the local beaches of Lake Jackson. Her work includes pieces with sea glass and even lake glass from right here in Georgia. She is inspired by the flow and movement of water especially the waves of the ocean and it is evident in the curves and movement in her precious metals jewelry. Some of her most coveted pieces are her spinner rings that are made up of an inner and outer rings allowing the outer ring to “spin” freely over the inner. This makes for a relaxation piece, and something to fidget with while wearing. Typically liking to work with copper in the autumn season, she is inspired by the changing colors of leaves and everything that represents fall from pumpkins to Halloween. And although it’s her favorite metal to work with, copper isn’t just a beautiful metal (that gets more so through age and patina) but has medicinal purposes as well.