Margaret Warfield

Since the early 1980s, Margaret’s work has involved creations on canvas and paper. Initially her work reflected images reminiscent of her childhood, i.e., landscapes of the hills of Tennessee. Her chosen mediums, at that time, were oil paints and occasionally pastels. Over the years, however, she switched to acrylic paints, enjoying the ease of covering a surface quickly with vibrant opaque colors.

In the early 1990’s, she began to paint scenes of African tribesmen and women. This was a result of many trips to bookstores and libraries where she researched and studied facets of African culture. During this time, she rediscovered her love of cloth and her wish to create flowing fabrics on the bodies of her images.

In retrospect, she realized that her love of working with fabrics began long before painting entered her life. So, let’s go back to life before painting. After graduating from Carver Smith High School, she attended summer school at Fisk University, Nashville, TN. In the fall of 1965, she studied Clothing & Textiles as a Minor in Arts on the campus of Tennessee State University. She’d like to tell you that she embraced school and campus life, but she did not. At the end of four years, having only 12 credits remaining in order to receive her degree, she moved to Miami, Florida, got a job, and stayed there for four years. When she came to her senses, she packed her belongings and moved back home with her parents. Then she got a job and returned to Tennessee State University to finish her studies. She received a Bachelor of Science Degree, graduating on the Honor’s Roll.

Margaret’s desire to create art is implanted deeply within her. It is her passion. Throughout the years she has gone from painting landscapes to painting scenes of Africa, to painting dancers with flowing garments. Along the way whe fashioned Polymer Clay jewelry, soft sculpture dolls, and sculptures made of clay. Her work has been displayed in Washington D.C., Union Point in Georgia, and many places in between. Her work has been on the cover of magazines as well as college book covers.

Margaret Warfield
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