Rick Rammon

Rick has always loved woodworking. Even in his professional life as a trained Wood Technologist, where he spent over 25 years in Research and Development of Structural Wood Composites for the building products industry, he marveled at the unique properties and visual characteristics of different woods. When he retired in  2011, he was able to finally focus on the aesthetics of wood and explore his creative side.

Boxes quickly became the natural vehicle for his work. Boxes can transcend the basic function of containing objects to become treasured objects themselves. Utilizing the wide variety of color, grain, and figure in various woods, a simple thing like a box becomes a compelling sculpture, yet maintains the function of holding that special treasured item.

He continues to explore different ways of combining “form and function” while capitalizing on the wonderful range of visual and textural attributes of different woods. He hopes you enjoy his art as much as he enjoys creating it.