Troy Bledsoe

Troy’s long time interest in woodworking led him to a decision about 15 years ago to try to develop some basic skills in woodturning. He planned to use turned parts on furniture making, repair, and restoration projects. He quickly became enchanted with the freedom and range of design afforded by woodturning and was “hooked”. He fueled this addiction by bombarding friends and family with turned gifts and through the sale of turned craft items. This phase of his development as a woodturner helped hone his basic skills and expanded his understanding of the characteristics and natural beauty, as well as the wide variety of wood, as a creative medium.

The invaluable help of a special mentor and intensive study with top American, English, and  Australian woodturners have been an important part of this journey. Troy’s work has received several awards in woodturning shows judged by his peers and these shows encouraged him to expand his goals. All these events have helped Troy arrive at a very rewarding point in his life.

Since 1998, Troy has had the privilege to participate in the outstanding program at the John C. Campbell Folk School as an artist instructor, where he taught and assisted in many classes in woodturning and woodworking. He has demonstrated at the Southern States Woodturning Symposium and for several woodturning clubs. This exposure to many talented people has always been a source of inspiration.

The work you see here is a result of all these experiences. Although many solid turning blanks lend themselves to classic shapes, Troy doesn’t approach them with a specific preconceived notion of the end result. In the initial turning process, he examines the unique characteristic of the wood and helps it become what it wants to be. In the segmented pieces, he continues to explore the aesthetics of the possible color combinations.

So here you are with Troy’s turned art. He hopes you will enjoy experiencing it as much as he enjoyed creating it.